Toba Samosir, Indonesia

Balige is a town in North Sumatra in Indonesia and it is the capital of Toba Samosir Regency. It is 240 kilometers away from Medan. Balige is also a tourist spot to see Lake Toba, the largest crater lake in South East Asia. Balige is 60 kilometers away from Parapat, another tourism town around Lake Toba.

If you go to Danau Toba by airplane, you can choose flights to Silangit Airport. Balige located near the airport. There are some recommended restaurant in Balige, which are Timbo Cafe, Tio Cafe, and Vivi Cafe. They have a good view of Lake Toba. From my trip, I decided to have a brunch in Vivi Cafe.

Where is the most attractive place in Balige?


The museum contains footsteps and history of TB. Silalahi to motivate the young generation to achieve goals by looking at his experience from a son of shepherd to be a Lieutenant General.

Not only his private collection, this museum also have some collection from TB Silalahi’s colleagues.

They also have an area for traditional housing of Batak Toba!

Where can I buy some souvenirs in Balige?

Pasar Balige (Balige Market)

Balige Market has 6 (six) independent steel-composite construction buildings with typical Batak motifs and 6 (six) symbols representing the letters of the city B-A-L-I-G-E letters.

Of course you can buy Ulos (traditional fabric of Batak vibe) in here.

How about the food??

Mie Gomak

Mie Gomak looks like Spaghetti. You can choose between noodle soup or fried noodle of Mie Gomak. The best place to eat this noodle is in Pasar Balige.The name of restaurant is Ma’renni.

How the city looks like?

To explore this city, you can walk along the lake or take a three wheeler vehicle or take a minibus.

They also have hero monument (DI Panjaitan) and this traditional house which runs for govt. office.

Black Coffee

Along the main road in Balige, you will sea many coffee shop (looks like very old and/or poor shop), but please try it! You should have a try a good taste of North Sumatera coffee.

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