The Sky

from the golden yellow to the dark blue at the Biak #stellerid


Spent Time to Enjoy Beautiful Sky

Pearl Island from the Eastern

Situated in the Papua, Biak is small island with the open beach to the Pacific Ocean. Many hidden bays and beaches at surrounding island offer the beautiful sceneries, especially during sunset

Start at 5.30 pm

When the sun begin goes down to the horizon. The golden shine will spread to form the beautiful silhoutte.

Sunbathing in the beach of Biak Bay, closely to the Airport

Closely at 6 pm

When the sun reached under the horizon, the sky change from the golden yellow to be orange and blue. The romantic time and priceless only in 10-15 minutes before the dark comes

The man came for several times in the same beach, but they will meet the different beach and going home with different feel


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