Red Pesto

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It was a long time since I had made some pesto. Today recipe dedicated to this sauce that I love. Red pesto made with dried tomatoes. A strong, tasty pesto, enriched with chili and pecorino. A sauce suitable for a rustic pasta in my opinion, in fact I used a spelled pasta but it would have gone well even the integral one. Or why not also rye. This pesto can also be spread on a crust ... the choice is yours.

For the mise en place a simple with a glass jar and a top in Dekton by Consentino.

Ingredients: 400g of dried tomatoes 50g of grated pecorino cheese 100ml of extra virgin olive oil 1 bunch of basil 1 chili pepper 25g pine nuts #recipe ready in 30 minutes for 4 persons very easy

How to do: Clean and wash the basil. Put it in the blender and chop it with pine nuts. Cut the tomatoes into strips and then blend these too. Add the pepper and half the oil in the blender. Add the pecorino and lastly the rest of the oil and wire. If necessary a little water to stretch the sauce if too compact.

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  • Mariaziz04

    Belle le fotografie e interessante

  • Mariaziz04

    Belle le fotografie e interessante la ricetta del pesto con pomodori secchi la proveró . Di certo senza però lavare il basilico che di regola non si lava ma si passa un tovagliolo umido, bagnato e ben strizzato, su ogni foglia.

  • cravatteaiforne

    @Mariaziz04 dipende... io lo lavo sempre lo asciugo molto bene e mai avuto problemi ...


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