Trip to Machu Picchu

Finding the Lost City

Machu Picchu, the famous “lost” Incan City, is never lost. When Hiram Bingham rediscovered this beautiful site, he was actually guided by a local farmer. Now, thanks to all the hard work of restoring the site, regular tourists can easily access it and learn about Inca.

Start from Ollantaytambo

There are two ways to get to Machu Picchu: train or feet. Average fi t people like me can take a train ride to access the mysterious Incan ruin.

The train, decorated with Incan drawings, runs among the Andean mountains and rivers.

Reaching the other end of the ride: Aguascalientes.

Start the next day at Machu Picchu!

Weather changes rapidly in the mountains. It was shining, annoyingly too shining at noon and it suddenly started to pour rain. Luckily, the rain goes away fast too and we got this lovely double rainbow.

The beauty of the Incan ruins doesn’t stop here. Did you notice that the mountain behind the ruin actually resembles a human face, looking up into the sky? The nose is called Wayna Picchu, and the sacred temple sit on top of the nose tip.

After a hour-long hike, reaching to the top of Wayna Picchu, a magnificent overview of Machu Picchu is in front of my eyes.

When would you visit here?

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    Great pictures! I was there two weeks ago absolutely beautiful! And very nice people!!

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    👍👍awesome!! Definitely one of the best places to visit in the world!! I visited in October and it was indeed gorgeous!


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