Victory Hotel

A stunning night in Stockholm before our Arctic Adventure.

Our 2018 Northern Lights hunt began before we thought it would - this was taken on our Sony A7S2 while flying over the Atlantic. It was a truly unique experience seeing the aurora from the plane.

I find that the first hotel of an adventure is extremely important. We knew we would be exhausting ourselves on our trip to Arctic Sweden and Norway, so we wanted to make sure we picked the right hotel for our only night in Stockholm. Victory Hotel met and exceeded every expectation we had.

Victory hotel has its own personality in the middle of Old Town Stockholm.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the extremely helpful staff at the front desk and given our key. When we arrived in our room, we saw a check-in drink waiting for us. After a long day of traveling, a glass of port wine was exactly what we needed.

A knock on the door revealed a 2nd glass of port was waiting for us. The nightcap & check-in drinks are one way Victory Hotel ensures its guests comfort

The nautical theme of the rooms, combined with the natural Old Town feel of the property, really enhances your experience as a guest.

The charms of Victory Hotel are in the little details that go into every corner of every room.

Everywhere you look is another example of how to design a hotel for guests. The Victory Hotel is as much about service as it is about creating an atmosphere that makes the guest feel as though they have been transported to a totally unique time and place.

If the night cap wasn’t enough, then head down to the bar!


Very few hotels combine location, service, and atmosphere as well as Victory Hotel. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone staying in Stockholm. I look forward to returning in the coming years. Up next, we journeyed north to Abisko to try to catch a glimpse of the northern lights - from the ground, this time. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!