Trash Treasure


“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” We found a set of dressers sitting on the curb for trash one day. My wife and I had an idea for them. Check out this journey of turning this trash into treasure!

Both dressers had broken draw shelves. All they needed was a piece of wood and a few screws!

Filled a few holes, sanded off a layer or two and...

With some leftover paint, these drawers never looked so good.

Fresh coat of white paint and stain!

Drawers look good but not crazy about the top.

The gray on top looked better than the stained top, but I could do better. Time to put my carpentry skills to work!

I used some pallet wood and a torch to give it a gorgeous look!

Planed and sanded and ready for stain!

Made some pulls from rope for a final touch!

Trash to Treasure

Mostly free stuff. Only spent $7.50. Selling for $550.00 Value gained, gave a second chance to a beautiful piece of furniture. #stellerstories #imadethis #mystellerstory

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