A-Z Jargon Buster 👀

NHS and social care #saywhatwemean

Language. Focusing on the words we say so that they make sense to the people we are speaking to. No jargon. These are issues close to my heart and I have a bit of ‘history’ in this area.


So when I saw that the West Midlands AHSN, whom I like a lot, were running events around language, I couldn’t help going along to see what it was all about. #saywhatwemean

They are keen to write a glossary of jargon. So that we are all ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’. So to speak.

Symbolically this busted bust was outside the room. Is jargon in healthcare ‘armless? Or does it compromise safety?

There is plenty of jargon about. And plenty of jargon busters. 🚌 🚌 🚌

People were talking a lot about jargon. But we were from different ‘sectors’ and clearly not all ‘on the same page’. Birth unites everyone. I read one of our Whose Shoes #MatExp poems and a bit of a ripple went round the room.

This new #WhoseShoes scenario came directly from a participant at the #saywhatwemean event People do not need extra barriers when thinking about returning to work!

I found a ‘care jargon buster’ posted by TLAP - as in ‘Think Local, Act Personal’ - NOT ‘Think Like A Pirate’ Yep, they both exist. Their ‘jargon buster’ includes over 400 words. No mean effort. Mr Whose Shoes doesn’t ‘get’ any of this stuff so the challenge was simple. Choose one of the words or phrases every day and see what people make of it. Take a look at the #seewhatwemean thread on Twitter. We used a lot of gifs that I haven’t managed to include here, but you will get the gist.

Accountable Care System 👀

People competed to win the 🍋🍋🍋 prize for Applied Gobbledygook! 😂🏆

Diagnostic overshadowing!

E is also for #Eek! There is a whole industry out there. With expensive conferences to explain the new jargon... 👀 before it all changes again! 😳

Extract from @BromfordPaul. See ‘P is for Prince2’ and explore this ‘Narnia like portal’ if you are are hungry for more.

So this is just dipping a toe in the jargon waters but it was brilliant to see such a diverse group of people engaging with the series - in many cases unexpectedly. This particular series was focused mainly on social care, with the words sourced from the ‘TLAP care and support jargon buster’. Let’s all #saywhatwemean and hope this series has real impact. Look out for a further #saywhatwemean series focused on NHS jargon - I have found over 700 words, so there is plenty of scope! 😬 @WhoseShoes