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Have you ever wanted to look and feel like a stylist but never knew where to begin? Have no fear, Rosy is here!



Style is not always about looking good. It’s about wearing something that makes you feel like you can run a couple of inches in. Find a piece of clothing that is so comfortable it could replace pajamas.

Step 2


Style is also about being unique. Wear something that no one else would wear but you. In this photo, Rosy is wearing a not-so-ordinary raincoat. You can see that the sleeves are rolled up and there are glued-on buttons on the front unlike most raincoats.

Step 3


Your clothes should have something on it that will remind people of you. Your clothing is essentially you in the form of cotton or polyester.

Step 4

Congratulations! You are now a stylist! Go on and shine like the superstar you were born to be!

Thank you for reading our story! We hope this will help you the next time you have trouble picking your outfit and all the times after that.

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