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This is my first time come to India, and for me it's an amazing experience. India is full of things to capture with my camera. Peoples, buildings etc, all are beautiful to capture. In this posting, I will post all about peoples. And I like "square format" for most of my photos. Enjoy my photos and if you have enough time please visit my "instagram" xoxoxo RIEKE

A happy couple on the way to Taj Mahal. To go to Taj Mahal we can ride electric bus for free, but to get back to parking lot you have to show your ticket to Taj Mahal.

Struggle in a tuk-tuk in the middle of  traffic jam Varanasi

 A lady sell flower at the entrance of University of Banaras Hindu Varanasi. In Hinduism, you can find various flowers that are offered to Gods and Goddesses.

Sitting down and wait for the customers to buy flower for offered to God. In Hinduism, you can find various flowers that are offered to Gods and Goddesses.

I saw her sitting at the corner of the store, on our way to Khari Baoli. Her face really eye catching, and yes true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul .

What would you ask for if you are in a tricycle in the middle of Varanasi heavy traffic jam and the hot sunny day...

She is a warrior of life, fighting for life. *at Agra*

 I met this girl at Subhash Bazar at Agra, at the beginning she gave me sharp gaze but then she smile beautifully.

I saw the boy at Jama Masjid Rd in front of Jama Masjid, Agra. He was playing with his friends.

He is a tricycle driver, taking a little rest on busy and crowded Varanasi road, he stuck cannot move forward his tricycle and always smile.

I capture him while he was riding his motor cycle at Shivaji Market, Agra.

He is a street vendor at night market near Agra Red Fort .

 The tuk-tuk driver and his passenger, but I think only the passenger give me that friendly smile at Taj Mahal parking lot.

We visited Isilk factory at Cantonment, Varanasi, they sell silk and also give demonstration how was silk made. This man weaving the silk with weaving hand machine.

In this section I will posting in "portrait format" . ❄❄ So that's all I can post about my journey to India in "portrait theme" if you want to read my other stories about India, please check my profile. TAJ MAHAL VARANASI Hope I will come back again to India, and explore another interesting places in India. Thank you

all photos are taken in AGRA NEW DELHI TAJ MAHAL VARANASI 26112017-01122017 all photos are mine check my www.instagram.com/rieke_dr www.youtube.com/channel/UCPTe6H8c9JRSa7N5xujp6og ❄ 24032018 ❄

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