Empowering People and Communities Taskforce

Co-production and Patient Experience - Feb & March 2018

The Empowering People and Communities Taskforce is a partnership initiative led by NHS England to work with patients, families, carers, and the voluntary sector to improve the quality and outcomes of services. There will be six meetings with associated tweet chats, each looking at a different health and care issue. This curation focuses on co-production and patient experience.

Participants worked together on all the exercises, including identifying some recommendations and actions for the NHS England Board - see the following pages to find out what they were: (please note all actions and ideas have been reproduced here verbatim, as they were presented by the workshop participants)

What’s next? The Taskforce will be considering next steps on co-production at their meeting on 4 May. The EPCT group will keep people informed of next steps. Thank you for reading!

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