Mango Yakult

Been ages since my last story. Now let me make a home coming with a recipe inspired by Mujigae, a Korean Restaurant in Indonesia, Jakarta to be precise..

I made this Mango Yakult because my son lovea it very much. The recipe i am sharing with you here is my trial and error project. But don’t worry, it tastes good 😋

What you need 1 mango (harumanis, it‘s the best), peeled, cut as desired 5 bottle of yakult (@ 65ml) 200 ml drinking water 4 tbsp plain yogurt How to: Puree mango in a blender. Add the rest of the ingredients except water. Blend until well combined. Add water until you get your desired consistency.

Storage in an air tight container. Keep in refrigerator before serving. Add more ice cube and honey when needed. The taste of my mango yakult and the one served in Mujigae Resto is different, But my son said, mine taste better😊

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