Highlights! Vol 1

@MatExpBazaar 1stJan-19thMarch

At the end of 2017 I thought it would be great to have a #MatExp twitter account to share ideas!

A different person tweeting each week their ideas on improving maternity experience. Sharing ideas hoping to amplify the good stuff ! I made a short video to encourage people to get involved I was delighted with the number of people that volunteered & particularly excited that new people stepped forward to join in

I got the ball rolling 1st Jan & talked about some of our work at Kingston including Nobody’s Patient project

The birth Options clinic I run with consultant midwife & specialist midwives for women with previous birth trauma, fear of birth or previous caesarean

This was my most popular tweet

I handed over to Becca perinatal psychiatrist

Becca runs an annual birth trauma conference highlights are here

We loved the illustrations

Next up was Charlene student midwife

Highlighting importance of continuity, Charlene is a whirlwind of energy she writes regularly in her blog read it here - diverse topics such as pregnancy after childhood cancer

Challenging us - what are we doing as individuals to make #BetterBirths a reality follow @CharleneSTMW to see more

Next Roger took us inside NHS Digital working on digital maternity improvement

OMG who’ve thought it’s about the people....not systems!

Do these challenges resonate ? Contact @daddyrog if you want to input ideas to digital maternity development

Jude a midwife took us back to clinical care & talked a lot about the importance of teamwork

Support workers & housekeepers are often unsung heroes , essential parts of the wider maternity team 👍🏻

Our first baby & family photo was perfect to remind us what maternity improvement is all about 😊

Jude reminded us of the importance of down time & balance in life as a busy shift worker , out with her lovely dog

& we learnt about maternity acupuncture

Catherine was next with a focus on second trimester loss & perinatal mental health. She set off to London to speak all things Nobody’s patient at a maternity transformation conference

She certainly had impact

We need to be patient & understanding with women triggers can be everywhere

Speaking out takes an emotional toil we need to remember this when we work with women with lived experiences

Catherine caught up with Emma-Jane both of whom will be key in our new #MindNBody project

Next FabObs Sunita took a turn

Great example of leadership focusing on quality improvement for the Cinderella of maternity care - all things postnatal

Music on the postnatal ward 🎶one of their innovative ideas

Next we were off to Bradford with midwife Rachel

Really innovative integrated work 😊 Better start Bradford ✅

Find out more here

All sorts of reasons people feel passionate about improving maternity care

Learn about this project here

So Important not to make assumptions about people & judge

Such an interesting idea

Next Sue another student gave us insight into midwifery training...despite the challenges of ❄️

Exploring how we learn

We learnt of the challenges but also the benefits for both students and women

Midwifery reaches beyond just pregnancy

Leanne took a turn , she is up to amazing things!

Her lived experience is driving her desire to change things for others

Appearances can be deceiving

She is getting on & changing things big time!

Busy times!

Well deserved!

Jess wanted to talk about #BabyLoss she founded #BabyLossHour

She hosted a tweet chat on pregnancy after loss & drew us into conversations on difficult topics such as post-mortem, miscarriage after still birth & more

You can read the summary here

Little things can make a difference...

It’s been an astounding start ! 👏🏼to all those contributing so far. I’ve barely scratched the surface so please do follow @matexpbazaar & let us know if you’d like to get involved