Featuring: a Yellow Water Billabong Sunrise Cruise

Kakadu National Park

Located in Northern Australia, Kakadu National Park is a vast region of forests, rivers, waterfalls, plus some truly stunning Aboriginal art & culture. This region is one-of-a-kind. You’re almost guaranteed to see kangaroos and crocodiles, plus termite mounds, birds, and spiders (yes, spiders) of all sizes.

A “Welcome to Australia” moment...

Yellow Water Billabong

If there is one thing you absolutely must do in Kakadu National Park, it is a sunrise cruise along the Yellow Water Billabong. We went during wet season, which meant fewer crocs, but the higher waters made for some incredible landscapes.

The best way to start a day.

About 20 minutes into the cruise, the sun finally broke the horizon.

The calm water was perfect for a double sunburst shot. What a beautiful morning!

A beautiful croc right next to our boat

The beauty of the sunrise tour is that we then had a full day to hike and appreciate the amazing art in Kakadu.

Thanks for reading! Up next: I’ll conclude my outback series with stories detailing the stunning drive from Kakadu to Uluru. Plus I’ll publish a story from perhaps the coolest place we’ve ever been, Heron Island. Thanks for reading my #storyoftheday