20 March - 14 April 2018 OPENING: Friday 23 March, 6-8pm TALK: Saturday 24 March, 11am

In "Peace Like a Fever" Rob Matthews diverges from his small graphite drawings that determined his practice for so many years and focuses on ink and gouache works on paper attached to canvas and stretched over supports.

"Thematically, the work is a response to the growing number of people affected by force migration. The work is not a journalistic or illustrative account of these events but an internalized response to them."

"Visually the work is a melding of approaches, in some way tapping into the collision of various Mediterranean cultures. Deconstruction and martyrdom are touched on but so is hope, as the title of the show would suggest."

DAVID LUSK GALLERY 97 Tillman St Memphis TN 38111 davidluskgallery.com

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  • havwoods

    Page 7 is my favorite. Thks for sharing. Memphis is too far away for me.

  • siabram

    Page 10 its my favorite.. I don't know.. Just very good and memorable


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