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Roadtrip to Germany

#epixtrip Hi there! Although there’s a big chance you’ve seen lots of pictures of Burg Eltz (in German) or Eltz Castle (in English) on social media, a visit to the enchanting castle will assure you it’s very unique! Let me share with you 5 insights!

1. Go there early in the morning, before opening hours, or in the period between October and April, in case you want to avoid the crowd and make photo’s with beautiful light! When, in contrary, you are not there to make the perfect shot and like to learn more about the castle’s history, you better go there during opening hours so you can attend a guided tour. Check the site of the castle: www.eltz.de (< My friend @dromelot is on the previous photo <)

2. Prepare for a beautiful walk to the castle. There are several trails leading to Burg Eltz. We walked on the easy but stunning trail (it took about 15 minutes) which starts at the lower car park. It takes you through untouched nature. Imagine walking on a beautiful winding path in the forest when suddenly the path makes a turn to a heavenly valley with this fairytale castle on a rock and the most stunning light! You’ll never forget that view!

3. Enjoy the view on the castle from the higher platform (as shown on this story’s cover), across from the entrance of the castle. You can walk to that platform over a climbing road in about 5 minutes. You’ll get the perfect high overview: ideal for some nice pica’s!

4. When you’ve visited the castle and you still got plenty of time to do something else, I strongly advise you to drive to Geierlay, Europe’s longest suspension bridge, through the typical Märklin train landscape. All those pastel and timbered houses are just too cute. And the vineyards along the Moselle river look very inviting to taste a glass of white wine from that region (not before driving of course ;0)

5. You can reach the bridge in a 20 minutes’ walk from the Geierlay Visitor Center (Kastellaun Strasse 23 - Mörsdorf). Because it’s quite new (it was opened in 2015) and built with German ‘gründlichkeit’ it feels very safe to walk on the bridge, although people with fear of heights will hate it anyway :0) The bridge is 360m long and 100m high! My friend Bas (@basephotography on Instagram) made some cool drone vids of us walking over the bridge (next page). Watching these vids make you feel so tiny in a very big beautiful world!

Have fun visiting this part of Germany! More photo’s on @simone_wit Thanks for the fun dear @dromelot @basephotography (insta) and @ruudscheerens (insta)! Wearing my Majé woolen coat and Timberland shoes. This is an #epixtrip entry. Would loooove to experience the Tahiti adventure! #germany #visitgermany #burgeltz #eltz #eltzcastle #duitsland #geierlay #bridge #drone #suspensionbridge #wierschem #roadtrip #castle #deutschland #mosel #video #stellerid #drone #outdoors #outdooractivities #womenwhoexplore #adventure

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