December, 26th 2017

MANADO, Here I Come

Last December, I went to Manado.

But, I didn't land at Manado's airport, Sam Ratulangi.

Instead, I landed at Jalaluddin Airport, Gorontalo

I thought it would be a super boring trip.

But nah, I was so wrong.

I was welcomed with this beautiful scenery.

And this also. My mood could never get any better after seing this.

On the left side, There are non-ending beaches sceneries. And I love how simply beautiful it is.

"To escape and sit quitely on the beach, that's my idea of paradise."- Emilia Wickstead

Only by its look, you can tell how delicious / tasty these are.

And Here We Are!

From here, You can see Manado Tua Island

Go and Go

And again, If they told me to go again, From Gorontalo to Manado, Even If it will take 8 hours or more, I won't hestitate to go.


And we all do need fresh air.

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