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3 years ago, for the first time i've heard about Mentawai. I remembered, that day was a glory day for Mentawai, before Raja Ampat take its spotlight.

Have you ever seen a paradise? I bet you will, when you see Mentawai.

Exactly, Mentawai is the name of island in Sumatra-Indonesia, which consist of about 70 islands and islets approximately 150 kilometres off the western coast.  Siberut at 4,030 square kilometres is the largest of the islands. The other major islands are Sipura, North Pagai and South Pagai.

Beside its nature, Mentawai also known for its people, which called Mentawai people. Some people even claimed Mentawai people as an oldest ethnic in this world. Proud of Indonesia!

Of course, Mentawai people are not only living as an oldest, but also holding the culture tightly. Even i feel so amazed with all of the culture that still exist in their village, despite from technology developing.

The Mentawai Islands have become a noted destination for surfing. A paradise for surfer. Surfers comprise the other island-bound pilgrims, many of whom rank the Mentawais as the ride of their life.

I believe, then or future, Mentawai will always get a lot of visitors, especially surfers. As such, many surfers come to the Mentawai Islands after the surf season in Bali has finished.

But you should know, surfing is not the only activity on offer here. Many of the islands provide delightful opportunities for trekking as well as fishing and snorkeling. If none of these appeals, then you can also spend time relaxing on the beaches here or learning more about the Mentawai culture.

Best Time for Visiting Mentawai Island

After the rainy season, which starts around November or December and then runs until approximately March or April. The best time to visit the Mentawai Islands. During this time it can rain every day, and if you want to spend time surfing or sunbathing then, this can be a rather damp time to visit.

Months like September and October are good picks as the weather is pleasant and this is also low season after the summer holidays and before the winter rush for Christmas and New Year. The flight tickets and accommodations are often discounted during this time. The overall general best time to visit the Mentawai Islands is during the dry season of May to October.

So, once in a life time, i must go to this paradise, Mentawai Island. Yaa, one day i'll be there.

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