Only a thought away

Remembering @Gills_Mum xxx

Things would happen. Normal things. Family things. I wanted to tell Mum. I always had done ... But she was no longer here.

Things I would have told Mum. Important things. Silly things. Only a thought away

The everyday things that remind you.

Simple things we would share. Mum would have loved this! 😂

Following developments in my work...

Meeting new friends and sharing lemon lightbulbs

Day to day stuff

Things going wrong...

I used to like discussing how older people perceived things. How Mum, as a 95 year old, perceived things. I am glad that I thought to record some ‘interviews’ in her final years. I will probably have to wait until I am about her age to sort them out, But at least they exist…

Trips abroad. That ironically we probably wouldn’t have had as I would have been too busy looking after Mum.

Stowaway Teddy on the Orient Express 😉

Mum loved Izzy - @Allyc375’s cat!

Mum was a would-be Spitfire girl...

A book lover, avid reader...

“Stories make your heart grow”

Mum adored horses.

Mum would have enjoyed my ‘Tales from NHS Expo. The highs and lows of ‘#MatExp the Musical’

Our rehearsal with the travel guitar...

And on the NHS Expo main stage, with the piano ...

Taking time to reflect

...and sleep

And celebrate

Family news. Being part of family celebrations

Lemon delights.

My talk at the Shard.

My #saywhatwemean series. Mum was a good writer and loved words. Like me, she was not a fan of jargon.

Remembering Mum with much love on (what would have been) your 96th birthday. 9th March 2018. Xxx

Just dropping some goodies off for Mum‘s friends in her Assisted Living place, who made her so happy in her final days