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What is DRAMA?

DRAMA is a product of literature which needs people to represent the characters on the story on stage The word "Drama" comes from a Greek word meaning "Action" which is derived from "I do"(δράω, drao)

How can you say the pieces you are reading are called DRAMA?

We can say something to be categorized as drama if there is a plot, actions, characters, settings, emotions, gesture and mostly made of dialogues and monologues. A drama is made out of dialouge and monolouge with action and gesture indicator, while other works such as a story or a novel is mostly made explaining or illustrates a character, setting, and atmosphere

What kind of drama is Scuba Lessons?

Scuba Lessons

Scuba Lessons is a romance comedy drama written by Joseph Zeccola. It is a story about a woman in her mid-twenties going to a blind date at a coffee house at the same time as her co-worker having his blind date at the same coffee house which will create a comedic situation.

Scuba Lessons is both a realistic and unrealistic romance comedy drama, it is realistic with the interactions between it's character and the fact that the main character, Kelly, has plenty of thoughts to each situation and character just like in real life. The unrealistic is when the drama is played, the character Kelly will have to do her monolouge of her thoughts of a character in front of the character. while the thought itself is realistic, the idea of insulting and or admiring someone in front of their face is somewhat comedic.

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    'Drama is imitated human action' (Aristoteles)