A winter adventure in Montana


In January, I teamed up with @discoverkalispellmontana (IG) to experience winter in the Flathead Valley. It turns out that its the perfect basecamp for winter fun. In 4 days, I went snowmobiling, cross country skiing and downhill skiing (twice).

Day 1 - Cross Country Skiing I woke up early and drove 30 minutes from Kalispell to Columbia Falls to meet my guides for the day. From there, we drove into Glacier National Park. Along the shore of Lake MacDonald, we geared up and headed into the park.

Day 2 - Snowmobiling After another early morning trip to Columbia Falls, I headed north into the backcountry behind Whitefish Mountain Resort. It was snowing heavily as we left the trailhead and we had an incredible time breaking trail.

Day 3 & 4 - Skiing Over two days, I drove 40 minutes north to Whitefish Mountain Resort and an hour south to Blacktail Mountain Ski Area. Pow turns, wild weather and big smiles were the rule as I skied with various people at both resorts.

<<Whitefish - - - - Blacktail>>

After just 4 days, I left Kalispell impressed not only with it's proximity to awesome winter adventures, including the photographically stunning Glacier National Park, but with the town itself. The brewery, the restaurants, and the whole town had a mountain town vibe without the marked up tourist town prices.

Check out more Kalispell fun on Steller or Instagram: @discoverkalispellmontana #discoverkalispell http://www.discoverkalispell.com

Shoutout to the Glacier Distilling Company and their Two Med Whisky

Thank you!!!


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