Ice Melonade


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We love to share this beautiful drink we have our favorite combination with. They’re watermelon, lemonade, and white-tea hence this summer you got to try this Summer’s Tea Melonade. Living in a humid Singapore is a hell. However I am glad that we have this all season fruits - Watermelon. Let’s us share with you how we made this watermelon slushy for dehydration. xoxo, Le Plain Canvas

The Fruit

As the local market always deliver fresh fruits to their store in midnight and to avoid the crowd. To get started, remove the rind from a quarter of a large watermelon. We got our watermelon in the middle of the night at our local wet market. Transfer the frozen cubes to a Ziploc bag and marvel at your quick frozen fruit skills. (Freezing the fruit in a single layer prevents them from clumping together to make one giant ice formation.)

The Tea

We decided to go with the T2 brand with lots of recommendation from friends. Among the different variate of white tea, we chooses Pai Mu Tan. Beautiful light, smooth white tea with bits of nutty taste. We re-brew this tea up to three times and it’s good to the last drop! The ideal water temperature for steeping is around 170 degrees. For us we leave the water to cool for a minutes before adding the tea.

The Sugar

Since it’s naturally sweet, you don’t need to add a ton of sugar. Just a little bit into the tea will do. You can use various type sugar for this drink as it will deliver different flavor; - Natural cane sugar, which has been processed less than regular white granulated varieties. - Honey would be delicious here. - Try coconut sugar for a caramel-ly flavor.

Another small tips for you, DO NOT leave the tea bag in the water for too long as it will get bitter! And finally, toss the frozen watermelon cubes in a blender, add the sweetened tea mixture and squeeze half a lemon for brightness. Blend on high until smooth and enjoy your G-rated frosé.

White Tea Melonade

Who says it has to be spirits in the glass. Watermelon is our go-to for staying hydrated. Since it’s naturally sweet, you don’t need to add a ton of sugar. And who doesn’t love the mellow buzz and fresh flavor of white tea? Click the link for the full recipes from our website. xoxo, the sisters

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