Intro To Mobile Journalism

Beginners guide to filming with a phone

1. Turn on Aeroplane Mode/Do Not Disturb

2. Do Not Move The Camera - Keep Each Shot Still For 10 Seconds

Choose what you want to capture, frame up, then start rolling and keep still for those 10 seconds.

3. Frame your shot properly - fill the frame with no dead space in the picture

Good framing - filling the frame

Bad framing - dead space in the frame and subjects are cropped

4. Always Keep The Light Behind You

Whatever you are filming, the sun should be behind your body...

If it’s behind you then it’s on your subject...

5. Always film in landscape

Otherwise you end up with black bars. Portrait is only acceptable for in-app social media filming. TVs and computer screens are not portrait.

Follow these five tips while shooting - they’ll keep you on the right path