Day 7 part 2

Does this place seem familiar to you? 어디니? 뭐하니?

It's the village of Rye where we filmed part of the "Where are you? What are you doing?" MV hehe

Then last destination of the day is Brighton a beautiful coastal town. It has an old and new piers with arcades and coaster. It's a perfect place to have a long walk on the beach.

Brighton's new pier

And the old one.

Brighton streets are also very lively with nice shops, pubs and restaurants.


And one of the attraction of the city is Brighton Pavilion

It was a royal pavilion built with an indian style architecture.

And it looks even more beautiful at night!

Now today is a special day because it's valentines day!! So cutie *get on my knee* would you be my valentine?

First of course are chocolates.

A romantic dinner with me~

And to end the night a relaxing yet romantic night together with a view on the peaceful sea~ Once again happy valentines, hopefully you agreed to be my valentines again this year I love you 🌙💚☁