January was cold and (mostly) grey. Fewer walks, fewer trips. Frozen weekend beach walks. Snow flurries and yoga at home. We watched The Tunnel, series 1-3 (very good) and tried to figure out some life decisions, like where we want to live - still within commuting distance of Edinburgh, but a change of lifestyle from the city, and I’m struggling with the thought of it. In all honesty, January was a tough month. But there were some good times too.

we began 2018 down the coast, with a freezing cold beach walk

this ever-changing view, watching the weather sweep in over the Forth


  • OlyaS_Curios

    Pg 14✨💛👍 January was one of a kind month for sure! Best of luck with picking the place to live!

  • copperline

    It was indeed @OlyaS_Curios - glad for (slightly!) longer days and more light here! And thank you! 🤗

  • Tinalouise

    Somewhere warmer? Although, without the cold you couldn’t have nailed this story the way you did 🤷🏻‍♀️ Best wishes whatever you decide.

  • Leontine

    The sunny days will be freezing but with a beautiful light. The panorama of the city in the snow is priceless: all of a sudden it’s silent

  • J9nkidz

    Absolutely gorgeous buddy!

  • copperline

    Oh no, still Scotland @Tinalouise - and within commuting distance of Edinburgh for the fella’s work, but we can’t afford to buy a place in the city and the longer we’ve been looking the further away we seem to need to go! So tough to buy. And we’re both city peeps so will be a big lifestyle change! So don’t worry, wherever we live it will still be cold! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • copperline

    Actually, tweaked the text @Tinalouise 👍🏻 Just realises it maybe sounded like we were moving away away away! 😄

  • copperline

    It’s amazing the difference snow makes @leontine - you’re right, suddenly quiet. Calm. And yes, we’ve had some beautiful light. Have another story coming up from the weekend and it was exactly that - freezing but so bright!