cafe and boulangerie

fresh ingredients and everything about food that we made and we like

ingredients are very important, it's control the quality of our food beside the ability to process and cook the ingredients

man make bread, the making of bread is written in history from long time ago.. bread is one of the oldest food we know until now

nowadays we can enjoy the bread with any kind of creation, it's very versatile. you can eat the bread for breakfast with jam, dip in sauce, make garlic bread or croutons for your cream soup

usually we enjoy the bread with coffee or tea. I like tea very much but if I choose coffee it has to be coffee banana

people usually enjoy some bread with coffee or tea at coffeeshop. in Yogyakarta Indonesia there are more than 1200 cafe in 2017. you can easily find cozy cafe here. come and visit our city, you can explore other place and experience too if you want too

gelato and popsicle are very popular in Indonesia. because we have very hot climate. yes it's tropical everyday so we like cold drink and ice cream

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