Coconut waffles glutenfree

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In two days will be Valentine's Day and I would like to suggest you this year a nice way to celebrate it with a very sweet, romantic breakfast with these gluten-free coconut waffles. a case of coconut milk and almond flour. A breakfast to celebrate as a couple and even if you are single. All year right to celebrate February 14 of each year. I wanted to make this recipe without glutens so everyone can eat them.

if you are lactose intolerant you can replace greek yogurt with soy. I recommend you celebrate on Wednesday. Mise en place piato LOVE by Ilaria Innocenti and cutlery Mepra.

Ingredients: 60g of coconut milk 20g of almond flour 20g of potato starch 20g of tapioca flour 20g of sugar 10g of seed oil 1 egg 3g of baking powder 100g of Greek yogurt 20g coconut pulp 50g of unshelled fresh coconut QB of almond grains

How to do: In a bowl, mix the flour with the starch and the yeast. Whisk the egg white and when it starts to whisk add the sugar. Incorporate the egg yolk while whipping the egg white. Make an emulsion between oil and coconut milk. Pour the liquid part into the mixture and finally the solid part. Mix well. In a bowl, work the Greek yogurt with the yogurt pulp and cut the fresh one into cubes.

Pour a ladle of dough into the waffle mold and cook. Serve 2 waffles per person with yogurt cream, fresh coconut and almond grains.

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