Jakarta's China Town

last month i (finally) visited Jakarta's China Town called as Glodok in West Jakarta. Glodok is built of alleys, market, temples, church, and nice people! Here's the highlights of my trip.

Candranaya House.

on the temple.

These big candles are used to pray to people who has passed away.

little stop to pray.

children on temple.

made some paint to renovate the temple.

the one and only chinese painting house on Glodok.

Kue Keranjang, one of my favorite chinese cake!

Teripang on the market. It is sold for around 900k rupiah per kg. IT'S EXPENSIVE!

Buying some decoration. Each decoration has different purpose, like wedding, chinese new year, birthday, etc.

Chinese New Year preps!

Let's visit Glodok! Pictures and Texts by Finessa. #stellerid #jakarta #indonesia #stellerverse #chinatown