Limatris is a project undertaken by PT.DSAW as a proof of the realization of the Link and Match program between the Industry and Education world, which LIMATRIS stands for Link & Match Industry and SMK, which has inaugurated the industrial vocational education program for this Riau archipelago in October 2017. PT.DSAW will prepare a program devoted to welding and its qualification with the number of first-stage pilot students is 5 people starting in November 2017 and will soon be enrolled by 26 students from SMK 6 in July 2018. With the support of Team Production Limatris is a project that is expected to build a young generation who will continue the industrial world (Batam in particular) which in the future will be a generation of quality and ready to use in the industry

Pak Adam Paul Brunet (Managing Director)

This cooperation is a commitment of PT.DSAW in supporting the Government's program to synchronize industry needs with the output of SMK graduates. We welcome students from SMK 6 Batam to do apprenticeship in our company. In fact not only SMK 6 only, but many other SMK apprenticeship in our company, including universities such as POLTEK Batam, UNRI and ITS. In addition to facilitating apprenticeship, we also have a program of teacher visits to companies as well as scholarship programs for outstanding students for the big family of PT.DSAW.

Pak Agus Hidajat ( General Manager) & Pak Nara Dewa (Citramas Group)

Pak Alexander Scrafton (Plant Manager) & Pak Budiman Permadi (Deputy GM)


The MoU with PT.DSAW is a follow up of the SMK revitalization program that has been launched in Medan, in addition to the students and teachers apprenticeship program, will also open industry classes, and there are guest teachers, a visit to PT.DSAW. For the first stage, we sent 5 students and 1 teacher from SMK 6, consisting of 3 students from the Department of Machine and 2 students from the Department of Heavy Equipment. Next July 2018, SMK 6 will send 26 more apprentices  to PT.DSAW. We extend our infinite thanks to the contribution of PT.DSAW which has facilitated our apprentices in their company. This greatly helps schools in improving students 'and teachers' skills. Especially later will be patterned industry class, of course, can produce graduates who qualified and reliable, and highly competitive in the face of the ASEAN Economic Community.

Ibu Rosmawati (HR & GA Manager)

Project Limatris aims to realize mutual relationships from the concept of Link & Match for Schools, Companies and Government with School Goals and Companies can collaborate to conduct research and practice directly into the world of work supported by the Government in full. With this, PT.DSAW and the HR Team and Training Department are willing to support to realize that the function of education is as a supplier of workers who are competent and ready to use according to Industrial needs by following this Limatris Program.

Pak Zakaria Razali (Production Manager)

PT. DSAW, in particular the Production Department, welcomes and supports government programs, one of which is the Link and Match Industry. This is a very good start where the students of SMK can directly study at PT DSAW, so it can absorb directly what the world of work and the implementation of science gained both from school and in the working practices of this industry. Of course, guided directly by members of the Production Team either from supervisors / coordinators and even operators in the field. Our hope with the shortness of industry work practices remains a trigger for learning by making the most of the time, and can absorb both theoretical and practical knowledge. The interaction of students directly in the workplace industry is much faster in learning. Hopefully later students who graduated from vocational school can be ready to compete in the industry work both in batam, outside the city of Batam and even International such as Singapore / Malaysia / Vietnam.

Iwan Wahab (Training & Development Coordinator)

PT.DSAW Training & Development Department is very happy to be trusted as responsible for assisting the realization of cooperation between PT.DSAW and SMK 6 in this field of apprenticeship. Our hope for this LIMATRIS Project is in addition to the benefit of both parties, it should be very useful also for students who jumped directly as apprentices. Make the most of your time while you are at PT.DSAW, absorb your knowledge through the theory in the classroom and practice provided in the field. Congratulations and success for both parties (PT.DSAW and SMK6) who can realize Link and Match government program between Industrial World and Education World. Again Success for all. MANTAP

Pak Didel, Pak Hendro & Pak Meki Teachers of SMK 6

Fadlan Fitrah Kamaruddin Management Trainee

Welcome To

Welding School DSAW - SMK 6

Apprenticeship Preparation Meeting

SMK 6 Visit to DSAW Before Starting Apprenticeship

The Teachers and students visit DSAW in order of Preparation

The Teachers and students visit DSAW in order of Preparation

The Teachers and students visit DSAW in order of Preparation

MOU Between DSAW & SMK 6

The Signing of MoU

MoU Sheet

MoU Sheet

The Collaboration of DSAW Team and SMK 6 Team

Installation of PPE to one of the apprentices

News in Haluan Kepri Newspaper Talk about MoU between DSAW & SMK 6

Release of Apprenticeship participants by principal of SMK 6

Apprenticeship Batch 1 Starting


Welcome speech and safety induction Distribution of PPE

Apprentices are ready and complete with PPE

Training of Basic Welding HSE Training

Enter of Field of Study

Enter of Field of Study

Closing Meeting For Apprenticeship Batch 1

Closing Meeting Batch 1

Giving Apprentice Certificate

Apprentices Comments

Appraisal Letter for Apprentices

Apprentices Recruitment (Class of July 2018)

Governor Meeting With SMK and Industrial Companies

Meeting With Governor

Welding Class DSAW-SMK 6 Batch 2

Welding Class Batch 2

Socialitation Result of Curriculum Alignment, Syllabi and Module of SMK, and Arrangement of Cooperation Program Between Industry and SMK


Advisor : Adam Paul Brunet Nara Dewa Responsibility: Rosmawati Agustini Personnel In Charge: Marsapwan Wahab (Iwan)

Location : PT. DSAW Participants : 25 students from SMKN 6 BATAM Pheriperals Provide by Schools: Safety shoes & Stationary Pheriperals Provide by PT.DSAW: Uniform Helmet Safety Glasses Ear Plug Welding Equipment


Succeeded government program to create SMK graduates ready to work

TRAINING THEORY HSE : Safety Awareness HRD : HSE & Discipline of Work, Administration & Regulation, Councelling & Motivation PRODUCTION: Basics of welding, Type welding, Awareness welding based on production, Defect welding QUALITY: Welding Quality, NDT WE: Understand WPS and PQR STORE: Preparation Welding Consumable


Participants understand about Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) Welding

TRAINING METHOD : Theory / Class Room Practice on Field


* Starting from 2nd August until 30 Dec 2018, in 72 times * Monday-Thursday : 08.00-16.00 WIB * Friday : 07.00-16.00 (Senam Pagi) * Saturday & Sunday is Offday * 15 Oct - 19 Oct: Minggu Tenang * 22 Oct - 26 Oct : Mid Semester Exam * 10 Dec-14 Dec : Minggu Tenang * 17 Dec-21 Dec : Final Semester Exam * 27 Dec : Closing and Graduation


Achieve Welding Certificate Competency from Internal DSAW

INSTRUCTOR HR Dept: Rosma, Marden, Iwan HSE Dept: Jonathan Production Dept: Zakaria, Edendi, Bangun S Quality & WE Dept; Made, Nikson, Rinaldi, Haryanto, Subagio, Kamarudin Warehose Dept: Zubaili

PERATURAN DAN TATA TERTIB (RULES AND ORDER)   Siswa wajib untuk Finger Print saat masuk dan pulang belajar/praktik dari Perusahaan. Siswa hadir di Perusahaan harus tepat waktu. Wajib memakai APD (Alat Pelindung Diri) saat berada dilingkungan Perusahaan. Siswa tidak dibenarkan keluar dari area perusahaan selama jam belajar/praktik termasuk ISHOMA, kecuali Shalat Jum’at. Izin meninggalkan area perusahaan harus mendapatkan persetujuan dari guru pembimbing dan HRD Departemen dengan menggunakan form gate pass yang ada di HRD Dept. Siswa dilarang merokok. Siswa tidak dibenarkan menggunakan HandPhone android / smart phone pada saat jam kerja. Penggunaan Hand Phone hanya pada waktu jam istirahat Ketentuan yang termuat di PKB PT.DSAW Pasal XXI mengenai Tata Tertib Perusahaan, berlaku juga bagi siswa didik yang ada di PT. DSAW. Pelanggaran atas Peraturan dan Tata Tertib Perusahaan akan dikenakan sanksi sesuai dengan PKB PT. DSAW

Welding School Team DSAW- SMKN 6 BATAM

Opening first batch vocational Limatris program welding school

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