Getaway island Schier

I’m hooked to the wadden islands in the North of the Netherlands. Schiermonnikoog is the most quiet island of the wadden and very authentic. Just around 946 people permanently reside on the island, making the municipality the least populated in the Netherlands. The main reason to go to this island is to find peace in nature. I visit ‘Schier’ every year to make pictures of the magic that always seems to be happening overthere and to enjoy the simple things in life. Let me share with you my “5 Simple Must Do’s”! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

5 Simple Must Do’s

1. Rent a tandem

...to cross the island with a travel mate. The island, a national park, is virtually car-free: tourists are not allowed to bring their cars on the ferry. So the best way to discover the island is by bike. A network of cycle paths criss-crosses the island. No matter how old or young you are, it’s always much fun to ride a tandem and watch the beautiful spots the island has to offer.

2. Beach pavilion ‘De Marlijn’

...(The Marlin) is famous for it’s fish soup, the perfect lunch after a long beach walk or bike tour. The Marlin is one of the best spots on the island to relax. Covered with the provided blankets (when it’s windy), you can watch kids rolling off the dunes and meet other island guests. You’ll probably see some familiar faces because the island is so small.

3. Visit shop

...’Retteketet’ located in the heart of the village, Middenstreek 11. Janet, the owner of the shop, sells really beautiful brands and products, like trendy raincoats, boots and locally made art and presents. All characterized by simple lines and light colors. Another shop also atelier I would highly recommend is ‘Kunstfaam’ (Badweg 5). Klasiena Soepboer runs the shop and atelier and creates gorgeous art of beach finds, shells, washed ashore glass and so on. You can also attend a workshop and make art of beach combed treasures. A precious souvenir to take home right?

4. Go for a hike

...through the dune area surrounding the red light tower (the Northern Tower). Rabbits and pheasants will surely cross your path. When I’m there I always dream of living in one of the cute cottages on top of the dunes. Imagine sleeping ‘under’ the dancing lights of the light tower and clear sky, filled with stars...or waking up, opening the curtains and admire the light tower on the horizon.

5. Feel the history

...of Schiermonnikoog, aka grey monk island, while making a walking tour through the village with old islander houses and learn more about their historical facades and the Got Tjark church. Go back in time by finishing this tour at the bar of Hotel Van der Werff (Reeweg 2) and order a cold beer from the mustached waiter. Have fun!

Thanks for your interest!

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