Deep in the California desert, near Niland, where everything is just sand and dirt, there is a small hill - bright and colorful, covered with birds, flowers, Christian sayings and Bible verses and a white cross on the top. It is a creation like no other in the world, built by the hands of just one man - Leonard Knight, who believed that he has to spread an important religious message to the world.

Leonard Knight dedicated 28 years of his life to build Salvation Mountain. I’m pretty sure that most of us would wonder how is it possible to abandon a comfortable and well settled life and to relocate to this wilderness with the belief that you just have to do it. I don’t know the answer of that, but the dedication of Leonard Knight and his hard work deserve admiration and respect.

Can you dedicate 28 years of your life on a certain cause, even when the whole world is against you? Radostina Boseva Photography Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab