Blood Moon


• January 31, 2018 • For the first time in more than 150 years, people around the world got the chance to see a spectacular Super Blue Blood Moon. Three rare lunar conditions coming together at once to make an even rarer sight - was last seen in 1866. Here is what we saw in Indonesia.

08.45 PM (GMT+7) A little bit cloudy but I was still able to capture it.

09.06 PM (GMT+7)

09.19 PM (GMT+7)

09.29 PM (GMT+7) The Blood moon started to disappear.

What will happen after the Blood moon disappeared?

09.35 PM (GMT+7) The Lunar Eclipse started to be seen.

09.55 PM (GMT+7)

10.04 PM (GMT+7)

10.12 PM (GMT+7)

10.29 PM (GMT+7) Finally the Supermoon was coming!

The Blood Moon turns red because of the way the moon is illuminated by sunlight which has been filtered and refracted by the earth’s atmosphere as it lines up during a total lunar eclipse. A blue moon is the name of any month's second full moon - an event that only occurs once every three years.

Thanks for reading 🙏 Photos courtesy of Sunu family, were taken from our backyard using Nikon CoolPix900. #moon #eclipse #bloodmoon #supermoon #stellerid #stellerverse #seewhatissee #indonesia #nightphotography #nikonphotography Juniwulan Dewi Permaining Tyas

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