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About Our Guides

Brady Pesola Brady is the founder of San Diego School Of Survival. He grew up in the north woods of Minnesota, learning how to trap, track, hunt, and survive in the woods. In 2002, he joined the U.S. Marines and spent 8 years as a Radio Operator/ Forward Observer in both active and inactive service. After leaving the Marines in 2009, Brady began to teach what he learned as a young adult to others in hopes that the skills he learned would help keep people safe and responsible in the woods, with the ability for self rescue if needed. Brady specializes in Wilderness Survival with a keen interest in Ethno-Botany and Primitive Skills. Brady advises from time to time for the entertainment industry and has appeared on Fox News, Discovery Channel, Military Channel, and speaks as an SME.

We took a group of our university students from affiliate programs in Paris and Rome to the Southern California desert.

Experiencing Americana

Experiential Training

We meet members of SAN DIEGO SOS - Retired Marine Corps Special Forces who train in survival skills and bouldering.

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A Great Weekend Followed By A Cooling Swim

“A truly unforgettable experience full of adrenaline, laughter, and learning” R.K. Bachelors Student SSM