A kid’s book to combat the “I’m boreds.” CAMP ANYWHERE can happen at your kitchen table, on a plane, sitting under a tree, or when you’re stuck inside on on a rainy day.

First stop, the CRAFT LODGE! We’re making dragon boats today... and we’ll race them later at the What’s Up Dock.

Park your suitcase in the cabin of your choice.

(Warning: this one flooded last year)

If you’re a shower singer...this one’s for you! Get it? A Barry Manilow reference. (Now you know what a geezer I am.)

The famous MESS HALL... where you’ll sing for your supper!

After supper, we’ll play games, learn wacky campfire songs, and act out ghost stories in the CARDBOARD THEATER.

Thanks for taking CAMP ANYWHERE for a spin! Hoping to finish it this year! c jill dryer 2017 www.jilldryer.com

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