My mum died in 2017. I wrote this story about her at the time. She was not famous (other than being well known as @Gills_Mum on Twitter). She was certainly not a celebrity, and would never have wanted to be. She was ‘just’ my mum.

I’m thrilled we threw a bloody good party for her! You never know when it will be the last time.

Making plans together for the new year

And the snow we had in December brought back more happy-sad memories. Battles that I would no longer have to fight! Long-term Twitter friends will remember how I wouldn’t ‘let’ Mum go out in the snow (no boots!) - & she wrote about it!

And Mum loved Alex’s cricket! She used to come and see him play - or I would phone her to tell her - “How many runs did he get ??” 😀 🏏

Seeing pigeons. And remembering the pigeon race in Stratford on my birthday! 😂

And very poignant indeed finding this - we were messing about when Mum was indignant about regularly having to complete a ‘certificate of existence’ for Aon insurance so that she would continue to receive a pension.