Foodie Adventures California Edition

Jack in the box sells more than just Burger's and fries

I like it when restaurants keep their condiments well stocked.

Chicken chow fun

Beef chowmein

Central valley in California has some the freshest produce.

chicken egg rolls

These are not those egg rolls filled with cabbage that taste blah, these are filled with chicken, mushrooms, and a bunch of other goodies.

Mexican pan dulce

Desserts are a must

Strong Vietnamese coffee is always a nice addition.


Beef pho for those rainy days in California

samosas and a big bowl of beef pho.

And a shot of Patron from our Mexican neighbors, perfect little night cap.

Freshly made flour tortillas, get your life right. The fresh tortillas make the burritos awesome!

The fixings

All the meats to make your burrito the bomb. chicken, steak, pork, barbacoa, shrimp, and fish...because real burritos don't use ground beef.

champagne & cocktail classics

for those adults that want to be kids and act grown at the same time.

Food is a gift from God. Enjoy

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