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Me and my friend Will Thompson got commissioned to create a video to celebrate the UK release of Disney Pixar’s Coco, this is a short story of the process it took to make our final video! But first I had to make an essential prop...the guitar

The guitar in Coco is essential to the plot of the movie so I had to include it in my final video, my dad gave me his old out of commission left handed Yamaha acoustic guitar so I started by sculpting the head of the guitar into a skull and spray painting it white...all was going well until disaster struck...

My epoxy putty hadn’t set properly so when I drilled into it, it broke into pieces, I had already wasted valuable time sculpting it and waiting for it to set and spray painting it, so I had a choice, abandon the guitar and move on or spent one day fixing it and moving on, so here’s what I did in 4 hours...

With the guitar made we could move onto prepping the wall!

The stage was set now all we had to do was paint the thing! Here is a behind the scenes look at the beginning of the painting process time-lapsed!

Once the first part was filmed we created a scene around our painting in post

And then created the second part of the video showing a neon mirror world scene in after effects

Thanks for watching my Coco story, you can find the full unclipped video on my Instagram @Bencharmanartist

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