this is meant for you, and only you


you may not remember this this very moment or the moments that led up to it but at one point it was all you could think about

it was like a kiss from a breeze the touch of a song the whisper of a memory

but you must know there was so much that had occured that it is quite impossible to describe in simple short words

with the prettiest of lights

the cascading of skies

and the sheen of glass

it was truly a sight to behold

the ticking of time what a foreboding feeling that is as if anything and everything would drip off your fingers like sand in an hourglass and you're so desperately trying to hold on to something you know is already lost

that is what it felt like counting down the days to go back to something you called home yet never wanting to leave the circus of dreams

there were times when tasks felt as daunting as climbing a fortress

or there were unforeseen circumstances that popped up like a sly weasel and you simply did not know what to do

yet others felt as familiar as riding a bike one that was from the recesses of childhood memories the images and sounds and feelings resurfacing one by one each spilling out lines forming letters forming phrases until, all at once it becomes a solid sentence and you break through the sky

and there were even moments where the most familiar of remembrances were different from what was playing out times where you thought you knew what you knew were completely flipped up and over and splashes of something fresh reminded you that nothing is ever as it seems

the blushing bricks red and orange reminded me of such innocence like layers of paint peeled back one by one to reveal a barefaced beauty waiting to be unmasked and shining like nothing ever seen before an ever-evolving monster

yet this blinding beauty is unable to receive the proper cultivation the attention it oh-so-desires you and many others must know must remember to look at the larger picture to take note of the little details the points that make this gift truly yours

and when what was once a dreaded endeavour came to an end the warm blush blended to a violet sheen and you realised that truly it can be quite impossible to understand yourself

open yourself and share your gold


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