The History of

The Transfer Window

The transfer window in football is a registration period within a calendar year in which a football club can transfer a player in to their current players staff or out to an opposing team.

The transfer window is split into two openings, the Pre Season Window & Mid Season Window.

A move in 2002 saw FIFA enforce a compulsory effect of the transfer window to all professional leagues under the association.

One highly anticipated moment within every Transfer Window is Deadline Day. An event the media/journalists covet with enormous coverage throughout the day.

The transfer window is never short of drama. Here a player driving to his proposed new team before the completion of the transfer only for the move to fall through at the final hurdle!

The start & ending for both the Pre & Mid Transfer Windows can differ dependent on the regulations established by each competitions governing body. For Example the English Premier League with move the start of their Pre Season Window as of this year to before the beginning of the season rather than 31st August.

Here are the Top 10 transfers of all time. Ranging from £198 million for No.1 to £75 million for No.10.

The transfer window hasn't come without its critiques though. Managers of notable football teams have previously called for changes to the current structure or to be wiped completely moving to the old format of allowing player to register with new teams at moment throughout the calendar year.

"Chelsea have already played twice against Man United, they could have sold him last week. I think if you want to respect the fairness for everybody, this should not happen"

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal Manager) on the fairness of transfers in the Mid Season Transfer Window

With the 2018 January Transfer Window upon us, which transfers will cement themselves within the history of the transfer window this month?