Fashion in Arts

National Gallery

"Fashion is about something that comes from within you"

Ralph Lauren

Fashion is not only about the outfits we wear on a daily basis. But it is a manner of doing something.

Fashion in arts exist within the canvas and brushstrokes

The short strokes and blank spaces were done on purpose by Henri Edmond to reveal a greater luminosity in his painting.

With a mosaic result, the painting showcases Cross's intention to express a casual but detailed painting fashion.

Colours plays a huge role in many of these works. Artists expresses their desire to create a style that can reveal their feelings through conplementary colours and tones. Colours allows artist to express various meaning behind the work and expressions.

Some exhibition allows people to be themselves by letting them to express their own style.

We had a fashionable blast in National Gallery today

M312 E44R Team 3 signing out!

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