A creative new year.

So 2018 has started out a crafty one in that I've been pushed inside by the rain so I've been creative with paint. Here are just a few pics of what I've been doing this January.

Project number 1 Block printing on linen.

I love the process of printing onto clean linen. Creating patterns on texture and turning something beautiful into something unique.

Making cushions.

Getting out the paints.

When I need to calm my wandering mind, I paint. I never know what I'm about to paint, it just happens.

My husband said this one looks like ships coming out of the mist.

I used to sell my art and I'm thinking of setting up a little online store. What do you think?

I hope you have enjoyed my creative month so far. Are you making anything right now? What inspires you?

See more of what I make over at my personal blog The Vintage Good Life. & For my flower farming and floristry business you can visit me at A Bunch Of Wild.

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