A 35mm Film Journey

An album of 35mm film results, in colour.

Half frame by Olympus Pen EE 2!

While digital photography is ubiquitous, the process is so easy, quick and fleeting that there is no tangible result. Photographers are now looking to go back and find that joy of the physical, which comes through the entire process of film photography. - Imraan Dudhia - Gulf Photo Plus

The gruelling trial and error process.

It seems like we are back in the 1980s all over again.

Accept all grain!

You only commit to taking a picture when you see something worth capturing and you tend to have a larger number of keepers.

You have to accept the fact that you can lose the shot but then this is the element of surprise. #byepixel #ishootfilm #filmisnotdead #buyfilmnotmegapixels #StellerID Instagram: @nagaketjil

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