e s c a p e


At some point, you really feel that need to pack a little and leave for a while. 🌲

🎶 (and THIS was the soundtrack - if you need some music in the background)

It was almost the end of 2017 when I felt that need. So I packed a little, left the ordinary in search of time, beauty, extraordinary, quiet and literally drove into the winter.

I drove to Piedmont, Italy, and stayed in

just at the foot of Monte Rosa

I come here often (check other stories 😅), as this place has a special power to attract me.


Here life goes slower, nature has a different role, climate tells time and people do the same.

I believe it’s mountains’ fault.


And if you’re able to feel their influence you easily become part of this, and this is magic.

I went back skiing after a super long time. ⛷

Then I went back hiking (right under the east wall of Monte Rosa, literally under the influence of mountains).


and I felt like an happy kid under the influence of mountains, sliding (while singing) down of those white hills.

up there we just stayed and stared. We were speechless, I was speechless. 🗻

and then I got lost in the winter. It was everywhere: under my feet, over my head, between my hand and all around us.


we kept on walking, right into it.

I was grateful. To the year that was going away, and to the one that was beginning right there.


And mountains were there, right over us, with their invisible eyes on us.

and I promised myself to escape more, and let the mountains influence me again and again.

happy 2018, from here.

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