Film Review

by Steph Butcher

4 teenagers get sucked into a video game...what could possibly go wrong?

Presenting a new take of the 1995 film, and of course the original 1981 book, ....

...this year's release sees the old board game Jumanji transform into a video game to keep up with modern times.

When 4 teenagers get sent to detention...

... getting trapped in a real-life video game wasn't at all what they expected.

Well-known actors Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black head the film, each delivering unique characters, with a snappy script that brings plenty of laughter.

The challenging roles see the actors taking on the parts of teenagers the while the game's "avatars". Each side of these characters creates dynamic comical conflict between the group, as well as establishing an incongruity between the characters and their new surroundings.

In terms of the most laughs, Jack Black of course delivers, performing a self-absorbed 21st century teenage girl to perfection.

From freaking out over losing her phone, to teaching another character how to flirt, Black flawlessly portrays the teen without turning it into a farce.

It can be argued the film lacks depth in terms of its plot or complex characters that don't just follow stereotypes...

... but the film never pretended to be anything but a great adventure - comedy, and with this it definitely delivers.

Overall, I would give Jumanji a 3.7 out of 5. It's definitely an easy watch, that provides plenty of fun. It's a great choice to watch with friends or family for some laughs and excitable moments on a cold raining evening.

Watch the trailer here.

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