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You wantto be a Fish Biologist

While the other kids were dreaming about becoming the professionals they encountered and admired — their doctors and teachers, the veterinarians that fixed their dogs and cats, the firemen that visited their schools — we were spending our formative years dinking around in streams and fishing with our own familial idols. Fish Biology!

We asked our #fishnerd facebook community what they thought of a fish biologist. The larger the word-the more comments

Fish squeezer. Fish nerd. Fishhead. Fish tickler. Whatever you think of us, we can take it, because our jobs are pretty sweet.

While bearded, hatted men are common, women are joining the ranks too. From genetics to fish passage engineering, there’s a place for you in fisheries.

People are surprised at the amount of non-science work that‘s a part of these positions…like being able to change the oil on a boat, chop firewood, or dig an outhouse hole...

"The type of work we do in Alaska often includes working in extremely remote places only accessible by helicopter, float plane, boat or all-terrain vehicle. A lot of planning and coordination make it all come together. And a lot of training to make sure projects get completed and everyone comes home without any major injuries.”

Some times you get an unexpected delivery in remote areas which is also very satisfying!

“Never underestimate the amount of coffee people can drink in two months.

In Alaska, conditions vary throughout the field season from icy to wet and everything in between. "When mother nature throws everything at you, that’s when your true character comes out and you can build lasting friendships, memories and skills you will carry forward in your career.”

Ezekiel Howard from Kwethluk, Alaska takes the plunge. After building character (and forming blisters) filling sandbags to secure a weir in Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge, it’s important to maintain it for the entire salmon run so long-term counts can continue

What do you like best about your job and working in Alaska? “I’m always impressed with the passion and professionalism my colleagues bring to the job. Honestly, the people I get to work with have as much to do with my career satisfaction as my fisheries work.” "For me, the best thing about working in Alaska is the people and governance. Alaska Native cultures are all, to some degree, based on fishing, and today they’re claiming their rightful seats at the table in fisheries policy and decision-making. This is exciting!”

In Alaska, people still fish and preserve their fish the way their families have for generations.

“It’s important work, and that’s something that you need to feel from any job you’re going to invest your time in.”

Seasonal fisheries technician positions in Alaska These are for the adventurous as harsh weather, an abundance of biting insects, and remote living conditions can be challenging. However, the rare opportunity to work with intact assemblages of native fish species, while surrounded by abundant wildlife and pristine wilderness, will more than compensate the tolerant individual!

Bird enthusiasts, you can add a new species to your list— Alaska’s unofficial state bird is the mosquito.

A temporary base of operations for a fisheries project in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (yes, there are fish there!)

Randy and Theresa after successfully tagging Dolly Varden in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to learn about their overwintering habitats. “Take every opportunity that comes your way to gain experiences in fisheries. The experience you gain, the places you go, and the people you meet will have a lasting effect on your career and life.”

It’s never too early to set your sights on fish biology!

Yes you! We know there are lots of amazing jobs out there, but we want you to know, no matter where you live, there are probably fish nearby. They can enrich your life and they need your attention. And healthy fisheries are worth billions of dollars to the US economy.

#fish #biology #outdoors #wildlife #alaska #travel #job #adventure #science #student In Alaska we are shared stewards of world renowned natural resources and our nation’s last true wild places. Our hope is that each generation has the opportunity to live with, live from, discover and enjoy the wildness of this awe-inspiring land and the people who love and depend on it.

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