Farewell 2017

Reflecting on an adventurous year.

Every year, I challenge myself to prioritize adventure, whether it's for specific work or simple pleasure. I am always shocked at how much I manage to fit into a single year. As always, @EddieBauer and their #liveyouradventure campaign helped support many of my adventures and photography projects.

I've chased winter around the globe, skiing in the northern and southern hemispheres all year long. I spent a year or two completely avoiding the brutal winter cold. But I've grown to love the seasons and their ever changing temperaments. Here's a look at 2017, through all four seasons.


It's always a fickle season, especially for skiers searching for powder turns. I didn't ski as many days as I'm used to, but I made up for the small quantity with stunning quality.


A season of transitions, when akis are packed away and both mountains bikes and hiking gear are dusted off. I missed it all this year. I spent my spring bouncing back and forth between PerĂº and Faroe Islands, teaching three unique photography workshops along the way.


[Nearly] everyone's favourite season, summer is easily spent outside. In 2017, I biked, hiked, and scrambled my way around Canada, France, Switzerland, and Kyrgyzstan.


Highlighted by stunning colours and changing weather, autumn often means rushing to squeeze in one last epic adventure before winter sets in. This year, I bikepacked in the New Mexico desert, wandered around Iceland and ski toured in the Rockies.

The craziest part of this story? These images are just a snapshot into my adventurous year. They don't come close to telling the entire story. Missing are all the high fives, big smiles, headaches, and tears that all happened behind the scenes. I'll always cherish those moments more than the images themselves.

In 2018, I'm not just hoping for another adventurous year. I'm planning for it. My resolutions include diving deeper into filmmaking, competing in races and, as always, chasing the light. I hope you'll not only make 2018 a year to remember, but also choose to share a few moments with us. Remember yo tag @eddiebauer and use #liveyouradventure!

Get Inspired. Get Outside. Explore. See you in 2018!

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