a kiss

of welcome and goodbye

There was a moon over this path When I saw faces as they passed beneath the pale lamplight Footsteps were coming approach to peron as I saw a couple holding hands, sat under a lamp Waiting for a train to take them...somewhere

Then I saw a man who was staring at the clock He asked the officer what time exactly a train would come...anxiously waiting for it Obviously he couldnt wait to meet someone from that train

The wind was as bone-chilling as the railway Cold, just stand there between peron to peron silently It might freeze the body but not the soul of the people at the station

People You can never change the way they feel, better let them do just what they will. And you would see when a train came, hundreds of people walked out from the train Some of them were such in a hurry...to meet someone

Soon they meet, hug and kiss each other a warm welcome On the other peron, that couple kissed a goodbye.

They wished to freeze the time for a train not to come. As the man would leave his woman for a long journey, She said, “Just take my heart with you”

A moment later, the train came breaking the silence of the cold night...a kiss of goodbye For they know what they do must be strong that this station never see their shade or hear the sound of their footsteps.

Just believe that soon the night will go As the dark light is followed by a light morning

Thank You for reading my story #stellerid #creative #jakarta #melbourne #sydney #indonesia #photostory Photos taken by @viramadjid @MWP @chepymonoarfa

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