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Cookiebox and daylight lamps

Christmas Today it is Christmas. The boys have pajama days and tonight we celebrate Christmas with my family. We each cook a dish, I cover the table festive and there are all gifts under the Christmas tree. Last night I made this cookie box.

Inspiration at Instagram On Instagram I saw a beautiful, cheerful cookie boxes from @constellationinspiration A box full of beautiful, cheerful and tasty cookies. A super gift if you visit someone. Also take a look at Amy her blog, is really worth it. Her cakes with flowers, oi lala ... Two days later I was tagged in a photo of @theunlikey_foodie where she also made a box with Christmas cookies. She used gingerbread males (cookie men) and I also used them in a photo. It is so nice to see how you can light each other with each other's creativity. Even if you have the same idea, it is always done differently. Each has its own style and of course other things.

Use different heights In the box you can see that the cookies are quite high. I have placed other sweets under the buns so the cookies are higher. Use different heights in a flatlay style. I also used cupcakes paper as a substrate in the box. And I filled all the empty places with smaller sweets of cookies. I love that you’re eyes go’s everywhere at a picture.

Daylight lamps Recently we bought two daylight lamps. There are two tripods, each with an octabox on it. In addition, we also received 16 spiral lamps. This is also nice to use in portrait photography or product photography. And for now it is perfect with the dark weather. From half past 2 I get bothered that it is actually too dark to take pictures. I took this picture at 9 o'clock in the evening. Previously, I had to wait until the next morning. Now I could start right away. I am still a bit searching for how the lights should stand and where the light shines. In the lamp there is room for 6 daylight lamps. You can also do this separately.

I found it a bit too much shade so I used my white polystyrene foam. Both with daylight and this daylight lamp reflects the white light so that the shadows become less harsh.

A “behind the scenes”

A beautiful Christmas! More creativity at my blog Mylucie.com


And come say “hi” to at Instagram, I like to inspire each other

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