Creation of Freedom

Lolita Defoe

the Woman of many talents, Lolita Defoe

How long have you been doing art, do you remember? ~I’ve always created art in some form or fashion since I was a little girl. My mom got me a windows computer at a fairly young age and I created a lot of “art” on this program called Paint It. Of course at the time, I didn’t consider myself an artist, I was just a kid that found ways to keep herself occupied.


Where's your favorite place to see art? ~Behance is where I go to get inspired or motivated to create, but outside of that; I love to visit museums and galleries whenever I can. I don’t really have a favorite place to see art. Art is everywhere.

You seem to prefer oil based paintings, why is that? ~Oil just seems really classical and timeless. All the great fine art pieces are in oil (in my opinion). I love the texture oil creates, how rich and opaque it can be. It’s very smooth and allows me to blend and mix colors exactly how I imagined in my head. I love other mediums as well, like gouache. I use gouache often for smaller pieces. If I had to rate them it would be oil, gouache, acrylics , then watercolor.

Anything challenging about working with oils? ~It smells really bad and takes awhile to dry. Which can be a pro & con depending on the situation. But the smell, the smell is horrible & the odor lingers lol.

Are there any particular painters that have influenced you? ~Mainly Salvador Dali & Frida Kalho. I love surrealism and I’m very intrigued and inspired by their work although I don’t think my work reflects that at all.

Tell me about your Background? Does it have an effect on your work? ~No my background doesn’t have an effect on my work at all. I really don’t know much about my background for it to influence my art unfortunately. So I create from emotion, or whatever sparks my interest.

What’s your favorite item in your studio? ~My soundbar, I don’t think I’d be able to create any art in my studio without it…. I’d just fall asleep lol

Do you purchase any artwork? ~I’d like to purchase art! I spend most of my extra income on art supplies but I have a list of artists that I follow on INSTAGRAM that plan to get art from at some point . @roosmike , @Tomatosita, @semiskimmedmin & @Alexis_art just to name a few.

What about collections, do you collect anything that you may find valuable or maybe inspire you? ~I collect art supplies lol. It could be from the dollar tree, thrift store or yard could be a medium I’ve never tried before or a tool I really have no use for...but if I might use it at some point, chances are I want it. I’m like the crazy hoarding cat lady of art supplies. I have pastels, and charcoal sets, and tons of random art supplies I’ve never used...But I’m just happy to know that I have these for whenever I want to experiment.

My readers may be curious, are you working on any pieces right now? ~Yea I’m always working on a few pieces simultaneously. I don’t name them until they are complete. But I have two digital pieces I’m working on & on oil piece on wood that I plan on finishing soon. I’m also working on my photography book & music so I have a lot of art in the works.

I noticed that you do photography as well, are there any links you would like to share with us so that we can view more of your photography? ~IG:@lolita.defoe VSCO: Website:

Photo by Lolita Defoe

Photo by Lolita Defoe

I also noticed your painting style, has it always been like this? ~I actually have no idea what my painting style is, I experiment a lot so I feel like I switch it up often in hopes that I find something that sticks. So yea I’d love to hear what you think. Possibly give me some insight on something I may have overlooked

" Peep This " Original Abstract Gouache Painting

Visions of Nykhor

Favorite food? ~Uhmmm that’s hard. I just like food. Some of my favorite foods are Ramen, & sushi. I loooove pickled ginger and wasabi. I don’t eat much meat so I can eat a bowl or veggies or a salad and be content. I also love seafood; Lobster, salmon, snapper, grouper is always good.

Creation of Freedom

Lolita Defoe

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