Let’s Ride!

Daily commute by bike is entertaining and energizing, either bike to work, campus, school or just Sunday ease ride. Yet consider it encourages yourself for sport routinely. How to enjoy every moment with it in the hassle buzzle city.

I choose folding bike, brompton due to its simplicity and flexibility. It takes less than 30 seconds to fold and unfold, Very compact for travel companion and thanks to its optional level of gears that allow you to meet the most preference of your endurance.

First of all prepare your bike, ensure that all parts are well-functioned, the brake, the gear, saddle adjustment, lights (you go home at night), tires and its back-up. Do not forget bicyle tools for any emergency.

Then wrap all the stuff that you need in the bag, make them consize. Preferable you have water-resistant bag to prevent if the rain comes. Helmet, cycle-cap, sun-glassess, masker, comfort jersey and shoes.

All is set! Get yourself ready for a fun journey when your feet is riding the paddle, feel the wind that touches your face and the sunbeam that lights your horizon. Then enjoy the ride and sing Queen’s song “I want to ride my bicycle”

After a long ride, there would be what a relax moment when you can have a light snack or a cup of coffee with your companions during the ride. Just take a deep and long breath to loosen up your body.

You enjoy riding so much, then you take your brompton as your travel companion. Strolling another city on your travel creates new adventures. It eases how to live like a local, find its best culiner and culture. Or take it as a pause moment to to witness the sunrise at another side of Earth that you dont see everyday.

Yet sometimes when the weather doesnt allow you to come out, just enjoy at-home riding with kinetic-bicycle trainer. You wont lose that sweat.

Live the life on a saddle! Cycling just like how you live your life. Sometimes there are times that you are down, and sometimes are up. One thing that you have to hold on, just keep your hand on your handlebar and keep your faith, never let it go.

Bicycling allows you to have energizing and entertaining life adventure. And last but not least, you will have new friends who complete the journey. There will be a time that takes you to joy and tough moments, and you will get them through together.

One thing for sure, bicyling opens more door for you to be more grateful for the life you live. Thank You for reading my story #stellerid #creative #brompton #biketowork #jakarta #solo #jogjakarta #indonesia #singapore #photostory Photos taken by @viramadjid @MWP

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