Tangier is the entrance to North Africa and is a popular destination for tourists and trade. Located on the Straits of Gibraltar, it is a gateway between Africa and Europe. I travelled here for 3 days solo and also visited Tetouan which is also included in these photos. Tangier is a labyrinth within the Medina and Kasbah and one in which you will certainly get lost and have an adventure in.

I stayed in a traditional Riad in Tangier with a wonderful host family who gave me tips and suggestions of places to eat and visit. I would suggest staying locally instead of a hotel to get a proper feel of the city. Throughout the Medina you will be stopped numerous times with people trying to sell you things. If you are looking to buy a souvenir...then Tangier has everything from stalls selling trainers to potions that cure any ailment.

I highly recommend Restaurant Rif Kebdani in Tangier which has authentic Moroccan Cuisine and beautiful Tagines. Before you get here, make a list of all the places you want to see and write down the address. Your mobile/cellphone will not work and you will spend a fortune. Ask a local to walk with you or give you directions but unfortunately, do expect to tip for simple things such as directions.

One place you should visit is Tetouan. It has a fantastic Medina and you can get a proper sense of daily life. There is something very European looking outside the Medina and if you drive around, you can see some magnificent houses owned by the wealthy and foreign ambassadors. Inside the Medina you will see lots of Berber women selling food and they are distinguished by the style of hats they wear. Also look around for the public bakeries which is such an amazing idea. People bring their dough and cook them in these open ovens as they're more powerful than at home and it's such a social act.

At the port in Tangier you can take a ferry to Tarifa in Spain which is only 40mins away. Once at the beach in Tarifa which is famous for windsurfing as it's one of the windiest places on earth, you can see Morocco. If you can, hire a guide for a tour around Tangier and Tetouan. This will allow you to soak up the history more and you won't be pestered every 5 minutes. Tangier is artistic and they have such a wonderful literary history and a list of famous visitors and residents! If you love a bohemian lifestyle than Tangier should be on your bucket list. The city is going through massive expansion and a huge amount of money is being invested in the new town to make it more western. Remember, it's a closed currency so you will only be able to exchange money once in the country.

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